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President's Message

President’s Message
By Jaime E. Ysmael

The month of March has been very busy for FINEX, with all of the activities we held. Last March 18, prior to the GMM, we had the Tax Updates Forum in the morning hosted by our Tax and Legal Committee... Read more

15th Inter-Collegiate Finance Competition
FINEX partners with JPMorgan Chase
Latest Tax and Legal Updates

"BIR Issues RMO 1-2015"

Amend certain policies, guidelines and procedures in the application and issuance ofImporter’s Clearance Certificate (ICC) / Broker’s Clearance Certificate (BCC) relative to the accreditation of Importers and Customs Brokers for purposes of expediting the processing thereof;

Amend the required documents to be submitted by applicants securing ICC/ BCC from the BIR for accreditation purposes with the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

Please consult your tax counsel for relevant interpretations.

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The article is for general information only and is not intended, nor should be construed as a substitute for tax, legal or financial advice on any specific matter.

Mr Rey Lugtu

Today, the ICT Committee through the leadership of its Chair, Brian Hachez and Liaison Director Anton Mauricio is launching the FINEX Mobile App, after months of conceptualization and testing.

Thru the App, you can now be easily informed and updated on all the organization activities like, getting informed on the latest updates on meetings and events right on your smartphone. One can click “ATTEND” to be counted in, and even put the schedule on your CALENDAR.

Through the FINEX Mobile App, you can be alerted on upcoming FINEX and Committee announcements - whenever, wherever!
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At Dusit Thani Manila from 11 Jun 15 09:00 AM to 11 Jun 15 12:00 PM - By FINEX - Events - Details

FINEX Key Reforms in the Government Securities Market / May 27, 2015

At Dusit Thani Manila from 27 May 15 02:30 PM to 27 May 15 05:00 PM - By FINEX - Events - Details

2015 FINEX Golf Tour - Kick Off Leg

At SOUTHLINKS GOLF CLUB from 26 May 15 06:00 AM to 26 May 15 05:00 PM - By FINEX - Events - Details

ASEAN Economic Integration

The Financial Executives Insitute is the leading organization of CFO's in the Philippines.

The ASEAN Integration Committee leads FINEX's efforts to prepare its members, and member companies to prepare for regional economic integration.

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Prof. Dev’t. Committee Corner
The Professional Development Committee conducts events such as economic briefings, conferences, forums, and symposiums for honing the skills of its members and stakeholders in the finance profession.
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